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How to prevent AC Coils from corroding and leaking refrigerant gas
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At AC, our endeavor is to let you enjoy efficient cooling, while reducing the operational costs and electricity bills. We save your air conditioners from destruction and bring you peace of mind. We are here because we love the way air conditioners work. With us, the AC Gas Leakage is not a problem anymore.

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Celebrating 7 Years of Trust with
Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating

Automotive Solutions is offering recognizable AC Gas leakage solutions for residential, Commercial and industrial set ups across India. For over 7 years, our team is working diligently towards AC Gas leakage problems. Our research has given us a revolutionary solution that will protect your air conditioners from the corrosion, gas leakage and other activities.

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Leakage in the Air Conditioners is a common chemical process that is self-initiated (due to excessive use and supported by environmental factors) and self-destructive. It can cause harm to the AC unit and over a period of time you will start feeling there is a substantial loss in the cooling. AC Gas leakage not reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it also has a far more devastating effect on the environment in which we all live.

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