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Abstract Black Corrosion

A clean copper tube under the normal and a totally uncontaminated atmosphere keeps the system’s integrity to the optimum levels. However, in completely contaminated atmosphere, metal oxides start forming on the copper tube. Exposure over a period of time in a contaminated atmosphere will result into a massive tube failure. Under such as scenario, the air conditioner evaporator coil easily gets affected and leads to the development of black corrosion on copper tubing components. This type of corrosion would result into refrigerant leakage making it simply less efficient or completely inefficient to cool the interiors of home or office. This is the time when you require the copper coil replacement.

Coil failures due to the development of black corrosion on the copper typically occur every 6-14 months.

Areas where the Black Corrosion occurs?

  • copper wires, ground wires, and electrical connectors.
  • un-insulated and un-coated copper pipes and fittings.
  • chrome-plated bathroom fixtures
  • silver and copper jewelry.
  • mirror backing in bathrooms.

Remedy from the Black Corrosion:

The best remedy from the Black Corrosion is "Clear Guard COPPER PREVENTIVE COATING".

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