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Facts on AC Gas Leakage in India

If your car has a possible gas leak, it can still continue to give same performance in the cooling, but this is not the case with the Windows/Split air conditioners. Gas leakage in your A/C system will not give you the same cooling as you desire or expected. Freon is the greenhouse gas, which isn’t consumed by simply running your A/C system. Freon is also not any kind of additive that is burned up, or for that matter altered in a normal operating air conditioner.The very construction of AC is based in such a way that Freon flows through the pipes and tubes.

The only way in which Freon levels will go down is either due to big or small leaks.

What could be the possible reasons of the leak?

Manufacturer’s Defect – These defects include non-alignment of the joints; incomplete welding; no proper sealing.
Wear and Tear– Wear and tear happens over the extensive usage of the system. There is a very high possibility of service valves wearing over time and leak. There can also be a leak at some of the assembly joints.
Pin Hole Leak –This is a very common type of leak that develops in the air conditioners and is callused due to naturally forming, “Formic” acid in the home. The acid will slowly and gradually start eating the copper tubing. Deposition and formation of Formaldehyde on the copper tubing will lead to Formic Acid, and this eventually starts creating pin-hole leaks.

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