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Suffering from AC Gas Leakage Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating We are Passionate about Protecting your AC

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No coating can perform to expectations if applied to a poorly prepared surface. The Metal surface must be free of contamination such as dirt, oil, dust, old finishes & finger prints. Coating should be done with a minimum delay after cleaning & precautions should be taken to prevent re contamination. Precautions include working in a low dust environment, handling with gloves, right mixing of product, use of product within specified pot life (time limit) and applying tarnish inhibitors to the surface. It must be ensured that in every refrigeration system all the brazing joints should be properly coated.

Coating to protect Air Conditioner from rusting & Gas Leak

Air Conditioner corrosion protection coating for new & old AC. Protect your Ac from Gas Leak Problem.

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