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Corroision Protection Coating for VRV & VRF

Corrosion begins when metal is exposed to environment or comes in contact with water and chemicals. The process of corrosion on different metals vary. Unprotected metals often gets corroded very fast as compared to protected metals.

We provide state of the art corrosion protecting coatings for following applications listed below.

  • Water Condensate tray for all air conditioning & refrigeration equipment (HVAC)
  • Body of Air Conditioning System
  • VRV & VRF Units

Our coating once applied can increase the life of metal by almost 5 to 7 Years.

Features of our coatings

  • Excellent Bonding.
  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Food Grade.
  • Anti Fungal.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • High Abrasion Resistance.
  • Excellent UV Resistance.
  • Special coatings for Stainless Steel.

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