Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating(TM)
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Clear Guard Copper Preventive Coating TM

What is the clear guard coating?

It is a very high performance single step coating that blocks all corrosion related problems arising as the result of Industrial Pollution & environment. The clear guard copper preventive coating protects the surface from any type of attacks by acid, alkali, solvents, salt & hard water on the copper surface. This eventually helps in protection from the rusting & mild or severe gas leak problems.

Benefits of the clear guard coating

  • Cleanrooms used in production of integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Chemical and biological laboratories.
  • Data centers.
  • Facilities used in the breeding of laboratory
  • Residential and community areas.

  • Hospital operating theatres.
  • Coke Manufacturing Plant.
  • Physical testing facilities.
  • Plants and farm growing areas.
  • Textile manufacturing.
  • Various industrial sectors.

200 ML = MRP Rs.4000.00
Inclusive of all taxes
(Delivery Extra)

400 ML = MRP Rs.7500.00
Inclusive of all taxes
(Delivery Extra)

1000 ML = MRP Rs.9500.00
Inclusive of all taxes
(Delivery Extra)

4000 ML = MRP Rs.21000.00
Inclusive of all taxes
(Delivery Extra)

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AC Gas leakage not reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it also has a far more devastating effect on the environment in which we all live.

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